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About Our Event

Welcome to Christmas by Lourdes Silent Auction!  Our incredible donors have a knack for finding beautiful, thoughtful, and creative items for you to bid on.  This year, get a leg up on the supply chain and purchase your Christmas gifts from us!  

All money raised at our Silent Auction benefits Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School.  Your generous bids help make Catholic Education possible for our families.  A renewal of Catholic Education has become a reality here at Lourdes, and your impact is getting bigger and bigger.  We have attracted more families excited for this education and hungry for the faith that is present in every subject and every hour of the school day.  Surrounding schools - and many nationwide - look to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School for an model of how to educate children to seek, know, and love Our Lord and His Church.  Thank you for joining us in this increasingly important endeavor!