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Join us on Saturday, October 9th for The Power of One: Renewing Kindness, a special evening celebrating 10 years of Mercury One, hosted by Glenn Beck and friends at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas. This special night includes a car raffle, a silent and live auction, celebrity guests, and a chance to honor you and the impact you have made on our last decade.

You are part of the Mercury One family, and without your support, none of this would be possible. This event is critical to our success as the funds raised support Mercury One's general operations, ensuring that all program donations go directly to those that need it most. 

Bonhoeffer "Angel" Award Presentation to Roma Downey & Mark Burnett


Anonymous Donor 

Ryan & Alena Mulvehill

Marcene Taylor 

John Pellegrino, Jr.

D’Andra & Jeremy Simmons-Lock

Randall Barringer

Don Ross Nabb

Tuearis Cyber

Paul Viens

Kathleen Stassen

Steve & Cindy Mann

Jimmie & Connie Woolsey

Whit & Sharon Menefee

Kevin Campbell

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Marilyn Weiland

VII Deo Volente, FLP

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Carol Adams

Susie Aleshire

Charles Spencer

Isaac and Nicole Hanson


 Suzanne and Michael Grishman, John Paine, Susann Tarke, Mark Padgett, Dian Shackelford, Jacqueline Hessler, Michon Kessler, Ryan Mulvehill, Debbi Raleigh, Connie Allen, Austine Wilson, Tencha Rose Wilcox, Resa Kirkland, Donald Martines, Julie Hanshaw, Dara Grieger, D’Andra and Jeremy Simmons-Lock, Ben and Sue Casey, Christian Hodges, Greg Free, Patty Faulkner, Carla Wilson, Maureen Greer, Lynda Sweet, Sheri Rivera, David Kilzer, Robert Kaithern, Kathryn Richey, Joseph Irvine, B.J. Roberson, James Foley, Nancy Babicz, Lisa Edwards, Elizabeth Morrow, Angela Harrison, Debbie Comegys, Carolyn Willmann, Teresa Martin, Dala and Bill Westmoreland, Chicke Fitzgerald, Carol Adams, Dr. Emilia Aki, Betsy Ryan, Steven Thrasher, Jason Hanson, Kelley Stahl