Save a Heart

🐾❤️ This Valentine's Day, let's join forces to heal the hearts of our furry friends in need!   Instead of letting 1 in 6 dogs suffer from heartworm issues, let's shower them with love and give them a heart-healthy future. Together, we can rewrite the statistics ensure they receive the care they deserve while waiting for their forever families.

In collaboration with the Garland Animal Shelter medical staff, we've cut costs and treatment time, allowing our furry friends from the Garland and Rowlett shelters to undergo a shorter 30-60 day treatment period. This not only improves their well-being but also increases their chances of finding forever homes sooner.   

🐾❤️ This new approach lowered the average heartworm treatment cost per dog from $800 to $175, and your donation helps treat EVERY heartworm positive dog at both the Garland and Rowlett animal shelters as soon as they become available for adoption.  

Together, let's continue to make a significant difference in the lives of these lovable companions. Join us in creating brighter, healthier futures for our furry friends this Valentine's Day!


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